Own a piece of history is such a perceptual, inspirational and artistic conception. However, it's only a dream if you don't take action. People always have the impression that fine arts are hard to reach and hard to understand. To me, fine arts are just the bridge that links me together with a certain period of history.

No matter the price and intact of the art, It's such a delightful and joyful adventure whenever you find and own a treasured piece with primitive simplicity style, gorgeous decorated pattern, and singular design. As a private collector, through years of review and source, I have collected hundreds of precious and peculiar fine arts, mainly Buddha, porcelain, jade, oil painting, and other beautiful arts, from many reputable dealers and collectors in USA, Taiwan and China.

I am particular proud of my Buddha collection which is mainly focused on Tibetan, Nepalese styles with the expansion to Indian, Chinese, and others. Many of my Buddha collections have been reviewed and certified by the Master Connoisseur of gilt metal Buddhist images, Mr. Gi Tron-Jien, 22 years veteran at Shanghai Museum, and now hosting a famous private auction house. Mr. Gi has published more than 7 books related to gilt metal Buddhist images and history of Buddhism. Mr. Gi is one of the most reputable and famous expert in Buddhist images in China, and many newly discovered Buddhist images in China must be reviewed by Mr. Gi and his colleagues. He is frequently invited to give seminars and speech by many famous organizations in China, Taiwan, and Japan, such as National Palace Museum, Chang Foundation and etc.

With my growing experience in Buddhist images collection and other fine arts, I am very pleased to share and introduce some of my treasured and one of the kind collections on the web to public. Serendipity is such a joyful and pleasant life style, and please join me making your dream come true and own a piece of history.













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