Lot Number
: J000082
Lot Title : Jade Carving Chop with Dragon Figure
Date of Origin : Ming Dynasty
Country of Origin : China
Material : Jade
Measurements : 2.9 x 2.4 cm
Lot Quantity : 1
Estimate :

This is a square shaped chop with dragon figure. The chop is small, but with rigid and powerful status. Especially, the dragon shape is carved so vivid and lovely. White jade material, with black color with red inside, at least Ming or Song period. I have purchase long time ago another piece of round shaped chop with beast figure (lot 39). That piece also has great carving works and lovely beast head.

The seller told me that the body carved with two characters of "Yu Wu" (Z), and Yu is in simplified form. However, I figured it can be carved with "Hu Wu" (Z). One side of the chop displays bright grey color which might be permeated from shroud.
Condition and Additional Specification:
Some nature pitting to jade
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