Lot Number
: B000138
Lot Title : Vajradhara with Consort
Date of Origin : 16th Century
Country of Origin : Tibet
Material : Gilt Bronze
Measurements : 11 cm
Lot Quantity : 1
Estimate :

This Buddha was purchased while browsing around in HK with one of my antique dealer friends. Just sold another old collection of mine, had cash on hand, so felt very triumphant while browsing. Visited several antique shops and learned lots knowledge, but time to go back to Taipei. Walking pass this last shop, and saw the Vajradhara with Consort, so beautiful, and attracted me totally. The boss lady said she bought this statue at Spring Auction of Mandarin in 2016 to support the auction house. It has been displayed in the shop for more than one year, and she gave me a discount price to sell it.

I always wanted a similar style of buddha to my collection, the piece is small but very delicate. I discussed with my antique dealer friend, and decided to give her another low ball to see if she would take it. The boss lady is very straight forward Chaozhou people, and readily accepted my offer, but kept nagging that she lost lots money on this deal, but she hoped to get some more business from me in the future. I, on the other hand, happily took this Vajradhara with Consort statue with me to catch the plane. On the way home, of course, holding the buddha carefully, and took close photos all the time and all smiling face.

Seated in lalitasana on a double lotus throne, her right foot resting on a lotus, hands in varada and vitarka mudra, wearing jewelry inset with semiprecious stones and an elaborate scarf surrounding her head and shoulders, also set with lapis and turquoise

According to the Geiug and Kagyu of Tibetan Buddhism, Vajradhara, the Diamond holder, is the ultimate primordial Buddha, representing the essence of Buddhahood. This statue depicts Vajradhara embraces his consort, symbolizing the harmonization of the masculine and feminine, and the union of wisdom and compassion.
Condition and Additional Specification:
Figure in good condition, lost gilt

Referrig to another piece of 18 Century Vajradhara with Consort sold at Han Hai in Dec, 17th, 2005 for RMB 864K. This piece has much better gilt color and from Ming dynasty so with more potential and higher collectable value.

Designation: Mandarin 2016 Spring Historical Buddha Relics Auction Lot 298
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