Lot Number
: B000136
Lot Title : Bronze Guanyin Avalokiteshvara Statue (3-Sectioned)
Date of Origin : Ming Style
Country of Origin : China
Material : Bronze
Measurements : 37 x 18 cm
Lot Quantity : 1
Estimate :

Please take a close look of the appearance of this Guanyin statue, do you think she looks so kindly and gracious? I was attracted by her majestic look in the first sight. I bought this Guanyin from an acquantient seller, but she knew this is a rare 3 sections bronze Buddha, so she was not backing off on price at all. I browsed around to the shop several times, but still could not make the call. However, every time I walked by, I just could not stop looking at the Statue several times, and asked the owner if she would offer a better deal.

As old saying, where there is a will, there is a way, I dropped by this shop one afternoon, and lspent a lot of time chatting with the owner saying she could not selling it out to others anyway, why not just sell Guanyin to me at a reasonable price, plus I could pay cash. She considered the offer for a while and finally said yes. So this beautiful Guanyin Avalokiteshvara Statue is now under my personal collection.

This elegant Guanyin sculpture is representing of the Buddha wearing monastic robes, seating on a integral double lotus pedestal, wearing buddha hat with an Amitabha on it, fastened by a ribbon with swirling ends, Bound hair falling down to the shoulder, a pair of circular earrings, and with necklace, bracelets on the upper arms, wrists, and ankles. Both eyes looking down peacefully, and showing an appearance of benevolent face and serene expression. Both hands hold together placing in front of the chest. Her upper body is dressed in a double-collar rope incised with delicate design and covering both shoulders, while the rope also draping down naturally to lower body, adorned with multiple jeweled necklace, and limbs with bracelets, very real and realistic.

This kind of 3-sectioned Buddha was mainly made in Ming Dynasty, I really not quite sure about the period of this Guanyin, but I just like its style. The base is the symbol of Montain and Ocean circled in railings, and above it is lotus pedestal, then the Guanyin seats firmly seat on top of the lotus platform. Very good artwork.
Condition and Additional Specification:
The bronze is in an excellent state of preservation. Couple orginal casting holes on the statue, as can easily be seen in the photos. The details are incised and well delineated. There are some minor encrustations under the base which were left un-gilt, and on the recessed areas in the back of the sculpture.

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